Teenage Crisis | ✓

Teenage Crisis | ✓

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“ l i l l i a n ” By Haiitslilly Completed

Stereotypes are just another cruel thing society created. 10 students at Lakeside High are living in their very own stereotype that they can't seem to escape. They are what the world visions everyone to be, and they hate it. 

Venture into the world of stereotypes and find out how these simple teenagers live through them in their daily lives. 


Copyright © 2016 by Lillian Thomas

*gets out a bottle of lotion and leans back in chair* 
                              Nah I'm just kidding I'm not a guy XD
drktimes drktimes Jun 25, 2016
i have bad eyesight too so i have to either sit in the middle or front /:
xxcookiewuvxx xxcookiewuvxx 4 days ago
Omg that's like me everyone assumes just because I ace pretty much every class, that in good at maths too. Newsflash! I'm just passing. 😅😢
xxcookiewuvxx xxcookiewuvxx 4 days ago
that's like my maths teacher that gets angry at me for not speaking up and asking questions at parent teacher interviews. My mum got so mad
-disillusioned -disillusioned Jul 23, 2016
I'm trying to assume it's tutoring or the ~something~ more obvious
YEMOcrazy YEMOcrazy Oct 19, 2016
well, thx for reminding me of my math HW :( 
                              I loved this chapter,and yes, I hate stereotyping, it's useless and dumb.