The nerdy bad girl and the bad ass bad boy, what's not to love?

The nerdy bad girl and the bad ass bad boy, what's not to love?

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cheyenne_lynn_ By cheyenne_lynn_ Updated Jan 11, 2017

Jake Huntington, the bad ass bad boy, the heartbreaker, has a soft side? What? This can't be, or maybe it can? And why in the world is he sharing it with Tessa Bradley? Will Tessa, be the one to soften his heart and change his ways? Or could this be another one of his tricks, and if so, will Tessa fall for it? 

Jake, the bad boy, is obnoxious, and an asshole, all the girls swarm over him, other than Tessa. Why is she the only one who can see through his lies? He feels obligated to make her fall for him, but will she? Or will he fall for her? 

Tessa, the nerdy bad girl, is shy, nice, and quiet, all the guys want her, but she's not interested, why? Because she knows how they are, they want one thing, and she can see through their lies. But then, she meets Jake. Will he change her train of thought and trick her into falling for him? Or will she make him fall for her? 

"Hey baby girl" he said smirking.
"For one, I'm not your "baby girl" nice try hot shot, and for two, don't you have the "slut of the day" to go find, and also, for three, can you get away from me and not talk to me? It'd be much appreciated.
"Feisty, I like it. Why do you have to be this way baby girl? Just let it happen, you know you want me, everyone does" he said smirking.
"You have got to be kidding me? You really think everyone wants you? You must be delusional if you think I want you, never have, never will, so if I were you, I'd just stop trying, besides I can see through all of your bullshit lies, now get this through your head, I, Tessa Bradley, want nothing to do with you, Jake Huntington, EVER!" I said slamming my locker and running a finger down his chest, smirking at him.
His face fell as I said that, satisfied, I walked away, but not before sending a wink back at him.

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Precious5917 Precious5917 Apr 06, 2017
How in the world can people hop out of bed the first time their alarm goes off??? Lol. I can't help but press snooze and then go back to sleep for a little bit. I can't stand waking up early for school.
LoveCourt_220 LoveCourt_220 Feb 20, 2017
Courtney is my name, that's why I used my Nick name for wattapad, Court
Addicted_to_JB Addicted_to_JB Feb 19, 2017
i don't really like lucy hale so I'm gonna imagine her as Selena Gomez
bvbak47frimzy bvbak47frimzy Dec 07, 2016
Im not "popular" but im not not popular...but like that not popular girl who is popular and im like bitchy, nice, funny, and loud...if that makes sense