understood? [1]

understood? [1]

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90's Heartthrob By urbiah Completed

It's a time, not in the past, but in our future; where slavery has been brought back and is much worse than what it was told to be. 

The slaves aren't used for labor, they're used for sex and image. 

Unfortunately, Mitchell Grassi is one of the unlucky people who were born into the system. 

When he catches the eye of a certain man during an auction, his whole world gets flipped upside down.

The fact that the word "happiness" has 22 comments says a lot about this fandom 😂😂😂
samizita samizita Jul 23
for some reason i just readed this with mitch's voice in my head i never read like this and i cant stop anymore SOMEONE SEND HELP
I'm screaming "one dollar" I would like to speak to a manager
- - Aug 16, 2016
I'm rereading this and I'm gonna hold on tight to fragile hearts
girlmeetsptx girlmeetsptx Dec 20, 2016
This story has been in my library for a while now, and i always see it but never read it. But now my ass is ready
gloworm- gloworm- Oct 23, 2016
So.... all the effeminate/female people are slaves, or is it just the short people? Is there some kind of sorting hat exercise?