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Stop Believing In Fairytales: Kanato x reader

Stop Believing In Fairytales: Kanato x reader

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Aki Taru By GloomGamer Updated Jan 28

A random Kanato x reader story. The basis of this story is that you're a creepy otaku girl who is crazily obsessed with vampires. Ever since you were little, your dream has been to meet a vampire. People at school bully you because you're extremely shy and almost always keep to yourself. But one day a mysterious transfer student walks into the class. He's immediately catches your eye. His pale, ghostly white skin, his soft lavender hair that accompanies his cold purple eyes, that adorable stuffed bear he carries with him, not to mention his vampire-like fangs. Your heart flutters, 'Can he really be a vampire?', 'No, it's all in your head (y/n)! Stop believing in fairy tales!' You keep trying to convince yourself he's not a vampire, but are you really that far off?

xXStellarSoraXx xXStellarSoraXx Jun 28, 2016
Favourite anime? I can't choose, there are so many good ones~
kxnnith kxnnith Aug 04, 2016
they're just jealous that they'll never be as fabulous as me ( ._.)
HershaTheSnake HershaTheSnake Jul 12, 2016
*gets mlg glasses, Doritos, Mountain Dew,  and sticks middlw fingers up* BISH TOO SWAG FOE CHU
mochikai mochikai Jul 22, 2016
Name: Mowishi
                              Last Name: Yuki
                              F/C eyes: Yui's eye color
                              Hair color: Black
                              Favorite song: Sadistic Night
IsabellaAngelus IsabellaAngelus Dec 23, 2016
I don't like Vampire Knight. Or, more accurately, I FLIPPING HATE THE ENDING.
                              The rest is pretty good, tho. And yeah, the vampire obsession is pretty accurate to me irl lol
skully_nightmare skully_nightmare Jul 01, 2016
But your gonna meet Kanato~Senpai the most adorable vampire ever