Fred Weasley One-Shots

Fred Weasley One-Shots

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Erika Weasley By ginger_girl Updated Feb 21, 2012

There she was, drenched. She didn't care that it was raining or that everyone else happened to be inside at the ball. She just wanted to be alone, she didn't care how sick she got. This was her favorite place to go when she was upset,it was where they first met and where 'they' almost happened. but no, his twin George had something else in mind, and now He was at the ball with that.....that...ughh.

It's not that she had anything against angelina she just, she was just so different then ryli. From what Ryli knew from the other chaser was that angelina was much or of a girly girl. And she had a very dry sense of humor. Just what did Fred see in her. 'I thought he liked me, i thought he felt the same way about me, but i guess i was wrong' Ryli thought. The 5 minute that she actually was at the dance it seemed that the pair was having a wonderful time, and she was having a dreadful time. Hence why she was now all alone out her under the only chesnut tree outby black lake.

Ryli hated show...

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athoracrimson athoracrimson Jul 23, 2016
I almost commented "they weren't happy long were they" And then I wanted to cry oh god
ginger_girl ginger_girl Sep 02, 2011
@IamImmy I know!! But is one of my favourites! Thanks for your comment!