Lullabies • Scott McCall

Lullabies • Scott McCall

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Use to be called Young And Pregnant

"I don't know if I can raise the baby by myself." 

"I'll raise the baby with you. We can become a family."


"No, I want to do this. I want to become the baby's father. I love you, Adrianna and I love this baby that's not even born yet as well. Let me protect you both." 

"Are you sure about this? What about your parents? Your friends? I don't know if this is a good idea, Scott."

"This is my decision, Adri. I may not be the baby's biological father but I can be there for her or him."

"But the deadpool.."

"No one is landing a hand on you. Not in my watch because I will kill anyone who even dares on trying to hurt you or my baby."

Mrs_5SOSxx Mrs_5SOSxx Nov 08
Hes gonna hear the two heart beats isnt he?! Im calling it!!
Why can't the be together. Better yet write a story like this one for Derek. That would be so cute
Shiiiit. Eat whenever? I'm gonna tell everyone I'm pregnant and fake it like how Amy Poehler did in Baby Mama. 😂
Technically at my high school you can do that. But the only class you can't is science
krenfrogg2 krenfrogg2 Mar 18
Um if I was a teenager I wouldn't want to get with someone who has a kid
-fargone -fargone Sep 08
Is she pregnant?? Or had the baby ??? Why did she leave when she was 10 ??? Did she get pregnant then ??? (I don't know..)