What He Didn't Know...

What He Didn't Know...

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Feb 04, 2016

Malena Rodriguez was always the nerdy and shy girl throughout her life. With good grades and a bright future ahead of her she didn't let anything stand in her way. In High School, she wasn't the most popular, being made fun off by the "Cool" kids was an everyday occurrence. Ignoring the name calls and humiliation she managed to graduate continuing to College, states away from the hell hole she once went to. Even if it meant forgetting what happened her Senior Year.

Colin Kaepernick was always athletic, smart, charming and the Most Popular guy in school. He knew of Malena but really never paid much attention to her even though they had classes together during their High School years. Going to College and then being drafted to the NFL by the San Francisco 49ers he was on top of the world until reality hit him and now has to amend for his past.

What happens when this two old Classmates see one another after 10 yrs at the Turlock High School Reunion? Will memories of their past haunt them? Will bygones be bygones...or will Malena's hatred for Colin resurface...even after she told herself she had forgiven him years prior?!

Can Malena and Colin forgive one another and start a friendship for each other's sake? Or make each other's lives miserable in the name of "Payback"?

They say Healing takes time...

They say Forgiveness is for yourself...

They say Love conquers all...

...but will it overtake two broken people that have lost so much but have Everything to gain?

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glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Nov 06, 2015
I would plant a shade tree and invite Kermit for tea time but I won't. I'll give him a break!
Nenerh1 Nenerh1 Nov 06, 2015
She totally is so immature...can't stand her on Girl Code...
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Nov 06, 2015
She's the same age as her shoe size. I thought ya'll knew! Lol!
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Nov 06, 2015
No! Just stay away "Ms. Trying To Be All Up In The Picture With You And Your Nephew Wearing My Kool-Aid Dyed Hair At Church."
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Nov 06, 2015
So the hoochie mama makes an appearance in the story! This is going to be very interesting!
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Nov 06, 2015
I love it! Bad Kappy Bear, what did you do to Malena? She definitely needs to show up at the reunion. I can't wait to see Kappy's reaction!