Cut my cheeks (Jeff the killer x reader)

Cut my cheeks (Jeff the killer x reader)

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The Bloody Red Writer By bloody_red_writer_96 Completed

You couldn't take anymore. You were different. So fucking what? That stupid bitch just had to push you, had she not?  Of course...

You were just new at school after the biggest shit that could happen to your family, and now some bitch just had to discover your secret.

You were gifted... or maybe cursed. However you would like to see it.  You were able to heal up almost instantly when you got scratches and other wounds.

Earlier you got a nasty paper cut on your finger in school but because of your ability, the cut healed up instantly. Unfortunately, one of the most popular girls had witnessed that incident and spread the word in the whole school.

"OMG guys! She got a cut and it healed immediately! You should have seen that!' the girl shrieked out.

"I wanna see that!"

Suddenly all students surrounded you to have a good look.

"She wiped the blood off. Let's go to the CR!"

You were dragged into the girls bathroom and became an object to be experimented with.

Two guys were holding ...

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I'm lovin' this story so far , btw what kind of a mom would suicide leaving her daughter with no one to take care of her
I laughed so hard bc of teh title (no, i'm not hating) "cut my cheeks" XDDD "cheeeeeeks" 😂😂😂😂😂 I swear I'm so childish sometimes lmfaooo
Yukari_Sazawa Yukari_Sazawa Jul 20, 2016
I hope that Lego bricks will follow her for life -.- dat bitch...
WatashiSamishiiKo WatashiSamishiiKo Apr 14, 2016
Stop, I don't need you in my life after all the shiz I'v been through
ProGirl65 ProGirl65 Aug 30, 2016
Yes I hear that, but did u hear this?
                              Marie: hear what?
                              Me: YOUR A IDIOT, A JERK, *more words*
LionQueen173 LionQueen173 Sep 05, 2016
You forgot a word it should be 
                              Of course. He was no other then the beautiful Jeff The Killer