My Broken Bad Boy

My Broken Bad Boy

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Lucas Carver lived alone. He never did his homework. He barely had any manners and he was known for doing the most dangerous of things. People said he was the Perfect definition of Bad Boy.

The truth is, he's not 

My name is Crystal Florence.  I lived next to Lucas for almost two years now. My family and I were always oblivious to his existence. 

That was the biggest mistake I could have ever made in my life. 

The day when I finally actually met Lucas is the day I'll never forget. He was the one who I let everything out to. And he let out to me. 

I didn't shatter from everything, but he had already shattered years ago.

I learned that he was a broken bad boy.

No,  he was my broken Bad Boy and I set out on a quest to fix him. 

And he found the need to fix me. And truth be told, I needed that fixing because I was nearly as broken as he was.

*Hands you a bunch of food, tissues, and a ultimate feel reliever pill* 
Good luck reading this sucker without having feels.

greekqueeny greekqueeny Jan 28
Sees Guyanese and diesssss..... Finally!! I'm Indian/Chinese/Portuguese my family  settled in Guyana 🇬🇾
Reminds me of Indi's first impression of Aiden. NOT COMPLAINING THO ILY BABE
Baby girl, you got some talents. Living the story so far :-)
de ja vue from the first day of mmb that i just read bc of this thank you
                              Now picture this all roled into a typical white girl who's got sass for days and fights. 
                              Yeah, that's me.
I'd be the one friend to pull it out and say that then smile and run before the other friend beats my ass