Hypnotic Eyes (Edward Scissorhands)

Hypnotic Eyes (Edward Scissorhands)

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I had always hated this town. The only thing that ever made it any worth while was my best friend, Kim. But in the past year, she's started hanging out with the wrong crowd. I'm not sure what's keeping me here anymore, why I don't just leave and find a new place to move past the recent passing of my parents.

Then again, maybe I do know what's keeping me here... Not Kim, certainly not my Aunt Joyce, and definitely not the community..

Maybe it's the boy with the scissor hands. The boy with the hypnotic eyes.

Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Jul 09
Omg! When the dinner scene came and Edward was trying to eat, I got so upset! Like why don't you help the man?!?! He's hungry too!! Well technically....he isn't....BUT STILL!
Innocence is the most Inappropriate thing you'll ever see. They say the worst things and have no clue what they just said.
Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Jul 09
Another dumb idea.
                              Easily nontearproof water bed....
                              What were you thinking peg?
Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Jul 09
I made this weird sound in the middle of class while reading this....I can't even.
Omg ... nice story ❤❤ I'll add it to my library 🤗👍👍
This is my second time reading this and I just discovered that comment and I'm dying 😂