The Dangers of Islam: The Imam

The Dangers of Islam: The Imam

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Helena Won By HelenaWon Updated Feb 17, 2016

Nedim looked at the young teen in front of him and called out, 

     "I know what you're going to say, Imam Nedim. You'll tell me to have patience. You'll tell me that we'll find my father. You'll give me reassurances. You'll tell me that you believe in him, but you know what Imam Nedim?" The blue-eyed, Caucasian-looking teen whispered in question. 

     Nedim quietly watched as the teen picked up the picture of his family on the table. She looked at it and smiled sarcastically before whispering,

     "I don't believe you, Imam Nedim. Instead of standing up for my father, you condemned him like the rest of the congregation. He isn't a terrorist. He never was. He was your friend, but you betrayed him. You helped destroy my family, while you live happily with your in. In my eyes, you're as bad as the men who shot him. Please don't try to console me when you are just as bad as them," Khadijah whispered before heading out the door.