Widely known as a fierce and competitive Boxer Mr.Styles chance of caring is slim to none considering he's lost all who's important in his life.. Cryssy is open minded and going to uni to become a doctor with a fairly normal home life. You'd think the two are completely different, and trust me they are, but there's still one thing bringing the two back together again and again. The only problem? Harry Styles is determined not to give a shit.
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She is gonna be your love interest probably..don't let prejudice hold you. -.-
Oooh, I like when their character povs but I like third person too of course
Rereading 'cause this book is just absolutely great...and it was my first fanfic.
Re reading this bc there was a new boxing Harry pic so I just had to...lol is it bad that ive read this series three times?
@Stolen_Secrets it's a video Louis and Zayn admitted they did it there's no photo shop for a video that Louis did post.