The Spinster

The Spinster

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Forty-two year old, Noah Blackmore, has spent his life in business, and on building his fortune, so he never had time for a wife, nor did he want one. Now, though, he has enough money, and no one to share it with, so his closest friend, Harold Andrews, suggests to Noah, that he marry, and he has someone in mind, the seventeen year old Juliet Baxter. Noah thinks the idea is absurd, he can be the girl's father, and not only that, he doesn't want the responsibility of a wife, but Harold continues persisting, so Noah humors him, and meets the young girl. Juliet Baxter is nothing but a money hungry flirt, but upon meeting Juliet, he meets her spinster cousin, the thirty year old Helen Baxter, who also happens to be the opposite of Juliet. He's taken with Helen, but everyone does their best to separate Noah from Helen, and have him marry Juliet.

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Completed: 3/21/2016

qbled_ qbled_ Jun 11, 2016
Saying that Juliet is popular makes me squirm a little because I think of a coquettish girl who uses her feminine charm to make men lust after her
Lucky_240 Lucky_240 Feb 27, 2016
good story plot!! dialog is smooth.
                              but i feel ppl who have withdrawn form marriage because of  strong reasons and they are not just shifted form those perceptions even by a closest friends deal. if a friend pushes then he will not wait till his friend become 40!
hddlstn hddlstn Dec 03, 2016
Oh, my goodness, I just saw who you cast as Harry! Must admit, I did not imagine Hugh Laurie but I love him so much!
Jeslaw Jeslaw Aug 01, 2016
Why do you say "lowly says " multiple times in one chapter every character you introduced lowly says something...
swankykrd swankykrd Jun 26, 2016
Alan Rickman is one sexy dude....even at his age 😍.....Love Noah's personality
qbled_ qbled_ Jun 11, 2016
What are the stakes? If Noah marries, Harold can make a humorous toast as the best man?