demon (exo boyxboy/OT12)

demon (exo boyxboy/OT12)

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6 demon kings of the demon world were the strongest and fearful person there is, that's what people say yet they didn't know what the 6 kings are really, in truth their just childish people who want to feel what other demon their ages because since young they were told they were going to be kings which the elders have always kept a watch on them and taught them, but they are still demon who wants to have fun.

6 best friends live in a life full of hatred of their family or fake family except for 1 which still had lots of things with him, and they were all broken and abuse by their fake family and were treated badly as they show happiness on the outside they still kept the sadness within.

So what would happen when these12 people meet by fate and by the goddess itself? That we will find out....

AnalaHawkins AnalaHawkins Nov 14, 2016
How is Baekhyun also broken. It says all six of them were broken by their parents, But he has a simple life.
potato_lifeu potato_lifeu Jun 06, 2016
I'm jerry and my little brother is Tom 😂😂😂 we always fight even though I'm older than him by 9 years 😂😂😂
NessaTheNinjaTurtle NessaTheNinjaTurtle Jun 29, 2016
when you say football do you mean soccer or 'actual' football
MelikaGhazi MelikaGhazi Mar 12, 2016
I though kyungsoo would have been in the cooking club well anyway