Mr. Popular

Mr. Popular

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せんせい By cookie-monstar Updated 3 days ago

This is BxB

"Pink?" I examine the swimming trunks. There was a white flamingo at the bottom corner of the shorts. 

Kenneth was already in a pair of black ones. 

"Yeah, I think it would look great with this flower crown I got for you." He places something atop my head. 

"You're my flower princess," he smiles softly.

blxzinlirry blxzinlirry Jul 12
can you imagine this happening to you lmaoooooo i'd be sooooo offended i'd probs end up laughing bc i'd be in shock. like he'd have to turn on the engine to wind the windows down but that idea  wouldn't have come to mind i'd just be like 'HOW FLIPPING RUDE?!??'
Clobenzo Clobenzo Aug 04
That's because you're only thinking with your dick not your head
foodluver13 foodluver13 Jul 27
I would be offended because I am a girl, but he does have a point some girls are just bitches these days.
drayisbae_ drayisbae_ Jul 09
Lmao this reminds me of this one conversation i had with my friend where he asked if i thought he was cute and then he asked if i was pretty, and then boom, my bes fren ships us
".... isn't a 'realistic' gluten allergy reaction"...-.-  honey, my sister is gluten intolerant and gets quite 'realistic' and serious skin problems. I usually do my research when I'm going to put something, as such, in my stories. @Sapphire_Amethyst
Oml these two are like me and my best friend, except we angrily flirt with each other for entertainment, not because we're actually angrily flirting.