Mr. Popular

Mr. Popular

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This is BxB

"Pink?" I examine the swimming trunks. There was a white flamingo at the bottom corner of the shorts. 

Kenneth was already in a pair of black ones. 

"Yeah, I think it would look great with this flower crown I got for you." He places something atop my head. 

"You're my flower princess," he smiles softly.

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EEbiE_ EEbiE_ Feb 12
I hate when people say stuff like that or just talk about you like your not even makes me want to punch them...nothing different from my daily routine anyways but it still.annoys the swizzle out of me
Omg yesterday I was at CVS with my mom and we were walking out and this guy walked passed and said “Damn a*s and tits”
LucyEst12 LucyEst12 Dec 29, 2017
Bisexuality is a thing. Or anything besides gay and straight
Voltron00 Voltron00 Dec 06, 2017
I actually do this with my friends and I didn't realize until like months later that I was twice as strong as them.  Oops😊😊
‘Other strange bros’💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
So u just went into ur car in the middle of a conversation???
                              R O O D