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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

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" And warn them of the day of intense regret, when the matter shall have been decided; and they are (now) in negligence and they do not believe." - Quran.
  There are very less of us who can pinpoint their own wrong deeds and even lesser who work harder to make them right before we could cry over them and regret them. 
  Similarly forgiving is hard but admitting your sins and then sincerely apologizing just to achieve the forgiveness is even harder.
  He was lost in the pit of darkness, he believed that this world is eternal, he forgot the real meaning of life, by name he was definitely Muslim but by deed...? But it doesn't take much longer when Allah tighten his hold, and only the sensible ones can get the 'message' in the moment, the few are there who falls in front of him and ask for his mercy. A sincere call is all just it takes, after all  HE is the most merciful of all.

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simplyunfazed simplyunfazed Sep 16, 2016
Replace that y with a "t" then you have who you talking too 😒😫
__VeiledMuslimahh __VeiledMuslimahh Oct 03, 2016
Woah!This guy! :D 
                               I just want his car Pleeeeeeeasse♥♥;p
simplyunfazed simplyunfazed Sep 16, 2016
He never really was committed into a relationship. He was immature and she was too blindly in love to realize. God I hate f-boys
__VeiledMuslimahh __VeiledMuslimahh Oct 03, 2016
Bigg pleasure ;p♡ 
                              Have a real good feeling about this book so I'm sure there will be No regrets■♥
AashiIrf AashiIrf Dec 24, 2016
So, he is also indulge in "one night stands".. wowww 👏👏
__VeiledMuslimahh __VeiledMuslimahh Oct 03, 2016
Already read 8 chapters finish!but I had to come back here and comment♥ 
                              *squeals in excitement * can't wait for more... it's so good&inspiring♥