Found Dragon- Book 1

Found Dragon- Book 1

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After a great battle took place; Atta was separated from her rider, Lorelie.

Join this Dragon on her quest to find her friend. While she faces many dangers, rumours, lies and repetitive heartbreak; Atta, will keep searching.

In this world, dragons are a welcome member of the humans community. They are raised for the farms, for transportation, as guardians, and brought up as warriors.

The riders of these magnificent beasts are chosen by the dragon themselves. They may hatch at the touch of their master, or they may fly the skies alone for an eternity before they meet their other half.

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dathidewolf dathidewolf Apr 30, 2017
Looks like that dragon in Skyrim you can call to be your ally
SilverStoryDragon SilverStoryDragon Mar 29, 2017
I will give you credit for trying and doing good at it. If you want I can help with the dragon stuff. Check my profile and you will understand.
IggyPaine IggyPaine Nov 28, 2017
I think it sound great so far. When will you be posting more?
SilverStoryDragon SilverStoryDragon Mar 29, 2017
One thing, a dragon who saves someone especially a child, with or without a saddle would be honored. But I must not forget it's your story.
ClassyMask_ ClassyMask_ Aug 23, 2017
Except toros has red eyes from what you said in the last chapter but he is beautiful
ClassyMask_ ClassyMask_ Aug 23, 2017
Atta is a majestic being and looks like a star on Tumblr if dragons used Tumblr