submissive alpha

submissive alpha

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unknown_madness By _randomly_insane_ Completed

Logan is what some might call deranged, conceited, but most of all a total bad ass. And that he is but he is still mateless and a jerk which makes him a bit of a whoring dick.

Then you meet Tyler well he is the all American boy who is straight as a pole but I think someone should have told him that poles bend. 

Then you finally meet someone sweet Holly. Holly is not all about physical sport but she is the best tracker. She loathes Tyler because he is conceited arsehole. 

What happens when on the night of his birthday Tyler finds his mate and more than he is looking for.

I dedicate this whole book especially chapter novem to @SuperSonicPaGer for that amazing work of art called my cover page for this book. Thanks @SuperSonicPaGer your the absolute best.

He ain't so sure about the milliseconds and nanoseconds so that's why its approximately
Straight as a stick but they can break sometimes easy and hard
100% straight you say? Well so is spaghetti until it gets wet 😏