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BTS Text

BTS Text

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Phoenix Eun By PhoenixEun Updated Mar 09, 2016

What if ARMYs are able to know the text messages of BTS members to each other, are you going to read it? BTS fan fiction.

chims_suga_kookie chims_suga_kookie Dec 27, 2016
Erm....suga Kookie chimchim ermmmm tartar and erm....kid the lol mostly suga tho
jHuSt_mHe jHuSt_mHe Jan 08
...uhm i just.. got curious.. upon looking.. at the picture.. but is it.. just mhe..?  or jungkooj.. really looks.. a little bit.. weird on his pose.. hehe nvm.. this is me.. im really weird..
jHuSt_mHe jHuSt_mHe Jan 08
...well as for.. me ive got many.. he he.. jungkook.. jimin.. suga and v-oppa.. nyahehe..
A_Watpaduser A_Watpaduser Dec 25, 2016
The whole group. Yes. The whole group is my bias. #BiasWreackers