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Just YouTuber Friends? (Markiplier X Reader )

Just YouTuber Friends? (Markiplier X Reader )

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blurryface By ollieTheHero Updated Aug 25, 2016

(Y/N) was a YouTuber. With over 5 million subs. She was inspired by Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, but mostly, the one and only Markiplier. One day, at Vid Con they run into each other. (Y/N) then starts having feelings for Mark. Does he feel the same way, or are they "just YouTuber friends?"

_Etriality_ _Etriality_ Jan 07
These headphones cost more than that wig on that bald head of yours you Shrek smelling wannabe
ILikeBaconStrips ILikeBaconStrips Dec 28, 2016
And you're a self centred biatch who picks on people for no reason also committing crimes like assault ^_^
_SkyFairie_ _SkyFairie_ Sep 27, 2016
Ya wanna know something about me ? "No ..." To f**king bad Im telling you anyway. 
                              I hate this moda-faking eye-color thing because I have one green and and my other eye is brown ... SO YEAH MY EYES AIN'T THE SAME COLOR SO I NEVER MENTALLY FILL THAT PART IN CAUSE I DUNNO WHAT TO SAY !!!!!!!
KathrineMichaelis KathrineMichaelis Sep 29, 2016, black tee and black shorts? Can I put lace leggings underneath, or tie a black and white flannel around my waist and have a beanie?
Queenofthesquerrels Queenofthesquerrels Oct 11, 2016
I am too strong to be beaten I could break her jaw and suplex her
BigBadWolf141 BigBadWolf141 Sep 24, 2016
And your just a girl that wears 100£ worth of make up and clothes and you probably buy your friends too so dont try mw