Save My Soul (editing)

Save My Soul (editing)

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[Book One]

Myles, the really known dude, in school faces some demons and problems at home no one knows about. Not even his really close friends. He's quite prideful and has a lot going on for himself but with his problems at home he gives up on all of his opportunities. Then there's Chase, an average girl in school, she is just a plain average girl but when it comes down to loving someone you can say she's an expert. She wants a lot in life and makes sure there isn't a thing in her way to prevent what she wants.

Once her and Myles cross paths who will help who and how so? Or will they just damage each other with their differences?

[ Started: Nov' 2015  Ended: June 2016]

  • drama
  • faith
  • highschool
  • love
  • teenfiction
  • urban
yaluvdeja yaluvdeja Nov 10
I hate this😒 I seen all these students last year and the year before went to kindergarten with most. Can teachers stop doing that’s it’s soooo annoying
aylonahh aylonahh Nov 06
“Stand up, say your name, tell us 1 thing about yourself and one thing you did over the summer” 😂😂😂😂
xxkravechoc xxkravechoc Nov 08
Imma just imagine her as @ glowprincess on ig cuz she fits this
-lovebound -lovebound Nov 20
ian even think abt it till just now, but i’ve had a lot of bow-legged niggas. 😭
-lovebound -lovebound Nov 20
damn, can’t none of us read. we all read the second one b4 this one, even though it says “book 2” 😭
aylonahh aylonahh Nov 06
Boys hate when you call them by they government name 😂😂😂