Rebel Grier

Rebel Grier

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Hello there, 

My name is Alexis Grier. Now, that last name might sound familiar...

I'm the twin of Nash Grier, older sister of Hayes Grier and Skylynn Floyd, but the younger sister of Will Grier. 

I'm only older than Nash by 5 seconds. Nash has never introduced me...or let me meet his 'friends that are better than his sister'. 

He thinks I will 'fall in love' with his best friends, how can I fall in love who some people who I don't know?

Anyway, my hair is coloured hot, electric pink, I have a nose ring, and you could say, I'm a total bad ass.

I've also never been to what Nash and Hayes call 'Magcon'? I think. Plus they left for it about two or three years ago.

Those bastards, while they tour the world (I learned for my mum), I only hang out with my 'gang' consisted of four people. Five including myself.

Hunter and Lacey they're twins, Jake, and his little brother by two months Allen or A. 

Hunter and Lacey both have dyed blue hair, Jake and A have dyed green hair. 

Hunter is...

  • grier
  • hayesypoo
  • magconboys
  • nashy
  • rebel
SeaveyStalker SeaveyStalker Feb 15, 2017
Can't be younger or older by someone by 2 months only if they are adopted?
jadespower jadespower Oct 12, 2016
Why Walmart you cheapskate? (Not you, author. I'm talking about alexis😂😂)
Magcon_4_lifexx Magcon_4_lifexx Feb 25, 2017
WOW! I NEVER KNEW AARON WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Sounds like it should be Taylor Or Gilinsky!😂😂😂