My Mate, The Enemy's Alpha (Completed) (Book 1)

My Mate, The Enemy's Alpha (Completed) (Book 1)

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Ash(ley) By fanfictionhaven Completed

The battle felt like it wasn't going to stop. Even as my Wolf, I was starting to weaken with each enemy I faced. A large grey wolf turned around after throwing one of my packmates away like a rag doll.

    Dominance blasted off from him like nuclear radiation. My Wolf's instinct was to growl, because we both knew exactly who he was. He stepped forward threateningly, and his dark eyes stared at me. He let out a snort, like he was taunting me.

    I snarled and we both jumped forward to each other.

    And then we touched.


    The battle between the two biggest wolf packs in America continues to rage furiously, neither side going to stand down. Times are becoming desperate each minute that passes with Wolves dying every step. Female reinforcements are called, and amongst them is the Alpha's daughter from the Twilight Moon pack, Jennifer Vaughn.

    But what happens when your mate is a bystander of the enemy? Let alone the enemy's ALPHA? Will the battle continue to last many moons? Or will love come in it's course?

     Will close ties become broken from anger?

      But most of all... Are mates a burden or a blessing?

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cutiepiejam101 cutiepiejam101 Sep 07, 2017
I know this is completely irrelevant but #teamjacob or #teamedward
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I think u should write country cause america is a very big continent
deadnoodlesoup deadnoodlesoup May 22, 2016
Wholly shizznitz. I'm already addicted to the book and I've only read one chapter!! I'm fangirling in my room and my mom told me to do the dishes. Woops? Reading this is more important