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MLP Luna Diaries: 1,000 Years

MLP Luna Diaries: 1,000 Years

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What if I told you that the part of princess Luna we didn't know about was all written down in a diary. That there was something more to the princess of the night that was never known by any pony but she herself. These are the diary entries of what truly happened to Luna for 1000 years on the moon. It also contains the letters of the many fillies and colts that believe in the broken princess and wish to see her rule over them once and for all. This is the fateful tale of the once most hated princess in all of Equestria, and one horrid wrong decision she made. 

She will find that no matter how many generations follow her night, Celestia will always deny her rights of the night, and will not stop until Luna gives up all that her ponies of the night have worked moons for. The princess of the moon will never be the same as she takes a journey of hatred and growth all on her own. The moon will never cave in, and neither will she with its cutie mark. 

As the days pass, she grows more weak, wise, and is dying of starvation. The world around her is about to change, and so will the ponies lives that she has touched. Slowly, ponies will start to realize the other side of the story and have great wars defending both sides. Will the princesses insanity and solitude consume her? Or will by all odds find a special some pony to one day help her see the light?                                       

Ranked #6 in MLP and #1 in MLP Luna!


SapphireApple SapphireApple Mar 01, 2016
luns is the greatest pony or alicorn snd I completely understand her story
- - Jul 03, 2016
THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!Does anyone else think Luna should be treated better as a princess?
AmberSquirrel AmberSquirrel Jul 12, 2016
I am entering a story about Luna's banishment too! :o Yours is so much better though. Also I have a question: do I have to do #Wattys2016 in the title too?
theonetheonlymeme4u theonetheonlymeme4u Nov 14, 2016
"Hello, it's me," I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
Dr_Eye Dr_Eye Mar 14, 2016
Luna I will be reading this only at night as I am now in your honor. It's like two thirty in the morning.
ixXAaronBurrSirXxi ixXAaronBurrSirXxi Mar 16, 2016
I like Luna she's the princess of nighttime and I LOOOOOOOVE nighttime