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Not exactly planned

Not exactly planned

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You Don't Have To By stydiaHAShappened Completed

It was safe to say that after everything they'd been through the past couple of months that everyone felt closer. Some, surprisingly closer than others. One of Jacksons famous late night parties, a great way to end the school year and after the dread doctors, why not reward themselves with a little fun? But when everyone has just a little too much to drink, Stiles and Lydia end up alone in a room together and Stiles can kiss his virginity behind. The first problem is that Stiles soon after gets back together with Malia, who had mutually agreed to break up with him. The other problem? Lydia's little baby bump creates a  few quarrels.
Stydia (Stiles & Lydia)
Scira (Scott & Kira)
Allisaac (Allison & Isaac) 
SOME [temporary] Stalia (Stiles & Malia)
This AU is based off a series of different gifs and pictures I found scattered about the inter-web

Hey I just wrote my first ever fanfiction. And you're an amazing writer, so would you please go and check it out? It would mean the world to me. 😘
This is EXACTLY what stiles would pull😭✌️🙇‍♀️
Jejxkdkebdj Jejxkdkebdj Apr 02
"  I feel like a flight attendant" damn I love this already 😂😂
izzym1111 izzym1111 Apr 07
Ok, I keep seeing people calling it Mattheo and or Thalia, what do y'all call it
adoreIvan adoreIvan Dec 23, 2016
i really love this book! your such an amazing writer! omg i just keep smiling threw the whole thing! xxDDDDD
The plot already pulled me in let's starting reading .... At freaking 2am lol 😅🙈