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Life's A Wheeze

Life's A Wheeze

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P. Jay By Jaywing Updated Nov 13, 2015

The year is 2018 and nearly .1% of the world population has meta abilities - but that doesn’t apply to Torrin Murdoch. A nineteen-year old college student living with her best friends, Tory’s only dream has ever been to run, fast. The only problem? She’s severely asthmatic.

But nothing is impossible, right?

After a night on the town gone awry, Tory suddenly finds herself with a new ability and a new responsibility to the well-being of her home. Portland is going to get a lot weirder with Blur on the loose.

Crime fighting, criminal masterminds, and college homework? It’ll be a wheeze.


Note: This is in the process of being written for NaNoWriMo 2015, so it is a VERY rough draft. There will be a lot of mistakes. No part of it is edited and it will likely undergo a lot of changes after it's finished. Just be warned! If you see any really bad grammatical errors, feel free to message me and point them out!

  • 2015
  • asthma
  • college
  • justwriteit
  • metahumans
  • nanowrimo
  • portland
  • powers
  • supercharged
  • superhero