Remember? (Gray Fullbuster X Reader)

Remember? (Gray Fullbuster X Reader)

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MyHeroLimps By MyHeroLimps Updated Nov 26

You wake up in a strangers house and hear two guys talking a different room. You don't remember anything about your past, except your name and age. 

Your wearing a thin robe, and fearing the worst had happened to you, you try to run out the door, however you slam into a girl. Little did you know that bumping into these people would be the best thing that ever happened to you. 

Will you ever remember your past, even though once you do you might want to forget it again? Can you push away the fuzzy feeling you get every time you see Gray so you don't ruin your friendship? Will Juvia win his heart first? 

(I suck at writing descriptions so just ignore what I have here and trust me when I say my writing will be better then this in the actual story. Also if you like short fanfictions this probably isn't for you.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the character in it. (Tbh I don't really know how to do this so if I did it wrong someone tell me)

Fennec88 Fennec88 Sep 01
mines the 8th and im 17 but i'm reading this on the 31st lol
Insomnia. The curse of the people who's minds are too filled with fandomness to sleep.
Heh, I actually DO have caramel hair! But my skin is a light brown, tho...
If I were Gray I would've been all like:
                              "Bring it on, pinky."
This is more of a Gray × Oc but I'll just change around a few things in my mind if thats ok
My birthday is literally two days after reader-chan's in this book!!!(September 1st,I'm the oldest in my year group at my school.)