Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste

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Lydia is the head of what some may call a mafia. A crime ring if you will. The catch? No one, except her head crew, actually knows her true identity, ruling under the codename Parks leaving everyone to believe she is actually a man. Anyone who finds out Lydia's true identity is immediately executed. When Allison recruits a new employee, who idiotically gets caught, he'll be the first to live after a visit to the bosses office.

Head crew:
•The back bone•
Allison Argent- in charge of getting new employees, analyzing their every moves. 
Scott McCall- head of robbery department, in charge of basically creating ninjas to stealthily pick pocket.
Derek Hale- head of the the brute force, in charge of training the "warriors" or the fighters. Professional killer is his main deal.

•The undercover network• 
Isaac Lahey- the sweet and gentle killer
Kira Yukimora and Malia Hale- double duo ninjas, always together (may or may not be lesbian)
Stiles Stilinski- newest recruit, training in the robbery department
Liam Dunbar- clean up crew, not a single fingerprint nor drop of blood is left behind. He basically is the reason none of these idiots get caught.
Everyone else is barely mentioned though equally as important.

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TheHoleInYourShip TheHoleInYourShip Jul 26, 2017
Oh my god. I completely read this in his voice and I ended up laughing so hard I accidentally choked on my water and then tripped over my couch... This is why I have no friends... *sigh*
stydia524 stydia524 Aug 03, 2016
I remember count Olaf he was the crazy greedy guy that chases the children.. yeah I really never cared for him 😐
bestslaying bestslaying Jul 10, 2016
People think I'm mentally insane for loving teen wolf and stydia. I think it's healthy😄
-poisonives -poisonives Jul 10, 2016
I love all your stuff and I can already tell I'm going to love this
EnchantedWere22 EnchantedWere22 Jul 11, 2016
YES YES YES!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH STYDIA SEX!!!!!! Also, I CANNOT wait for the Series of Unfortunate Events show to hit Netflix, I am so psyched!!!
obrodenstydia obrodenstydia Jul 10, 2016
Stydia sex is always so necessary, you made the right call 😂😂
                              Anyway, nice chapter and nice start!! 😘