Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste

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Lydia is the head of what some may call a mafia. A crime ring if you will. The catch? No one, except her head crew, actually knows her true identity, ruling under the codename Parks leaving everyone to believe she is actually a man. Anyone who finds out Lydia's true identity is immediately executed. When Allison recruits a new employee, who idiotically gets caught, he'll be the first to live after a visit to the bosses office.

Head crew:
•The back bone•
Allison Argent- in charge of getting new employees, analyzing their every moves. 
Scott McCall- head of robbery department, in charge of basically creating ninjas to stealthily pick pocket.
Derek Hale- head of the the brute force, in charge of training the "warriors" or the fighters. Professional killer is his main deal.

•The undercover network• 
Isaac Lahey- the sweet and gentle killer
Kira Yukimora and Malia Hale- double duo ninjas, always together (may or may not be lesbian)
Stiles Stilinski- newest recruit, training in the robbery department
Liam Dunbar- clean up crew, not a single fingerprint nor drop of blood is left behind. He basically is the reason none of these idiots get caught.
Everyone else is barely mentioned though equally as important.

Oh my god. I completely read this in his voice and I ended up laughing so hard I accidentally choked on my water and then tripped over my couch... This is why I have no friends... *sigh*
stydia524 stydia524 Aug 03, 2016
I remember count Olaf he was the crazy greedy guy that chases the children.. yeah I really never cared for him 😐
bestslaying bestslaying Jul 10, 2016
People think I'm mentally insane for loving teen wolf and stydia. I think it's healthy😄
-poisonives -poisonives Jul 10, 2016
I love all your stuff and I can already tell I'm going to love this
EnchantedWere22 EnchantedWere22 Jul 11, 2016
YES YES YES!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH STYDIA SEX!!!!!! Also, I CANNOT wait for the Series of Unfortunate Events show to hit Netflix, I am so psyched!!!
obrodenstydia obrodenstydia Jul 10, 2016
Stydia sex is always so necessary, you made the right call 😂😂
                              Anyway, nice chapter and nice start!! 😘