Flash X Reader

Flash X Reader

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Amie By XD_Sockmonkey Completed

A book where you go on an adventure with the Flash.

Going to be edited soon!

Flash X Reader AU of the CW's flash.

anotherslothhere anotherslothhere Oct 31, 2016
My brother: Did you hear I went to doctor today?
                              Me: doctor.... (dramatic pause) Who?
MikeKuskie MikeKuskie Sep 06, 2016
If you bring Doctor Who in this I'm totally going to freak out!
GhostlyGamer GhostlyGamer Jun 26, 2016
Guys don't blink! They are coming! Don't blink! XD JK but in all seriousness I don't like weeping angels and that is a fact.
Dr_Animoo Dr_Animoo Oct 18, 2016
I'm pretty sure you're sore because you were just in a train crash, ran for like ten minutes, and you climbed a freaking tree and slept there. MULTIPLE REASONS TO BE SORE BUT OK 👌🏼
GeminiHaddock GeminiHaddock Jul 29, 2016
Yah know.... There's this thing inside the train you pull in case of emergencies that stops the train... Just saying.
PartyWill PartyWill May 31, 2016
Oh wow this is going to be fun felt like being on a Roller Coaster ride ..keep it up !
                              Bravo * Claps *