Love? Masky x reader

Love? Masky x reader

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I had the character named for sometime until my readers wanted me to change the name to  (y/n) so if you are reading this and you come up to a name Elisabeth please tell me I will change it as quickly as I can.~

I am walking the alleyways being bored and kicking a can. "Pfff!" I am so fuckin furious because my 'best' friend decided to steal my money and left me for my for my new ex boyfriend! 

I kicked the can to hard and hit some homeless guy. "WHAT THE HELL!" I was wrong... it was a drunk. He came at me and was about to throw a punch. I grabbed his hand and twisted it and threw him to the ground. I looked at my hand and smiled then started to laugh. "I didn't even know I could do that haha!" I started to walk again slowly started to go back to my pissed off self. 

I got home to see my dad home. "Hey dad!" He looked at me. "Oh Hey... I am goin to have someone over so you are goin to have to go to one of my new friends houses" "Oh where's that?" He shifted in his seat. "Oh they j...

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I probably would notice, I'm paranoid. And the fact that I have a window in my room and it's extremely easy to jump the fence, while in my old house the wall was 6 feet high and made of cement doesn't help xD
- - Jul 10
If it's Ben then turn the tv off and if it's Masky then give him cheesecake or if it's Toby give waffles
Give them cheesecake.
                              They will leave you alone. (If Masky and/or Hoodie)
                              Give him waffles and you are good.
Me in school: pussie azz bishes 
                              brats: >:0
                              Me: sluts *walks away*
DollBush DollBush Jan 24
Why not just look out the window and down to the ground? Just saying not criticizing I swear!