Thoughts Are Blue (Eremin)

Thoughts Are Blue (Eremin)

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hello there By xtheblueumbrellax Updated Nov 26, 2016

After his parents died, Armin had to move to a town practically in the middle of nowhere, which was pretty much okay with him, considering socializing with people isn't really his thing anyway.
Now his grandfather is making him go to a support group that's created to help children cope with the death of a family member.
He doesn't see why crying in his room with the door shut isn't considered therapeutic enough.
 He didn't account for a basketball to knock him over on the way to that support group.
He also didn't account for a stunning brunette boy helping him up.
And he most certainly did not account for those magnificent green eyes.

Warning: mentions of death in many of the chapters

[All characters mentioned in this story belong to Hajime Isayama, creator of SNK/AOT. Art used in this cover was created by an artist named Mioko-San.]

Once I was running around the car while my dad was trying to fix the wheel.I kept jumping over him.Then one point he shifted and my foot caught his side and I fell knees first into our gravel driveway.U could see my bones.
yay talking to a bunch of strangers about my deepest thoughts and ignoring the fact that they could use that against me. exciting
JayCKx JayCKx Mar 30
S funny coz the sea near me is always really rough and usually grayish brown. I mean there's some good days but that's a nice image
ArminHammer ArminHammer Aug 14
2 minutes into chp 1 and chill and I already need to catch my breath
I thought it was Erens moms ghost but then I read the comments and everybody is basically screaming Hanji.
I dont like flowers.My grandpa got me some.I left them in my room and didnt give them water.I had dead flowers in my room.In my opinion it made my room smell better.And then when I had to clean my closet my step mom made me throw them away..My room smells awful now..