City Lights (cricky)

City Lights (cricky)

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"Chris I almost jumped off this building. Now i'm holding onto the love of my life. Thank you." I murmured into Chris's chest. 
"If you ever think things are looking down hill, remember we are all living on a big wet ball floating around in the dark." Chris said with a forced laugh. 
"I love you." I whispered quietly. 
"And I love you." Chris whispered back. 

So here we stand. 

Staring out, at all those 

City lights.

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Chris "motionless" Cerulli
Ricky "horror" Olson


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All you guys talking about Re dying your hair, I just need to dye my hair
grumpyghostbat grumpyghostbat Aug 12, 2017
I physically cannot sleep a lot I go to sleep 4-5am and wake up 7-9am
bts_moonwalker69 bts_moonwalker69 Jun 29, 2017
😂😂😂 my stepdads reaction when I showed Devin to him
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This kinda reminded me that I need to re dye mine tonight lol
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from now on i am gonna scream at my mates when they answer the phone
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**Somehow becomes even more emo that I already am**
                              I sleep a lot because it's the closest thing to being dead. 💀🔫