Complicatedly Yours

Complicatedly Yours

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"There's always a rainbow after the rain".

Maddie had the worst summer of her life. What happened? Her boyfriend cheated on her with her old friend. Now she has to pretend like nothing is wrong for the sake of her last year in High school, But what if a rumor starts circulating that instead of her breaking up with him He spread the rumor the other way around. Then a new guy came to the picture but not just an ordinary guy, he is the definition of the word Trouble.

  This story is about Family, Friendship, Love, Heartbreaks and Secrets. 
  (Warning: This is my first ever attempt to write. Sorry for the errors, please be nice♡)

#820 in Teen Fiction - 05/13/17
100k Reads - 7/8/17

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wazzea wazzea Jan 08
“Not interested” oOoOh hmm we’ll see about that *sips tea☕️*
lord_awesome16 lord_awesome16 Jun 11, 2017
Hi, came from the last chapter. Are YOU a fan of the movie Clueless? If so you will like this book.
wazzea wazzea Jan 08
Not even joking my Spanish teacher would spit when he spoke and whenever we would get seat changes and you sat in the front row you’d get spit on it was horrible
wazzea wazzea Jan 08
Uhm anyone wondering how she casually said she wrestled an ALLIGATOR
Burning_Bird Burning_Bird Jan 28, 2017
I love rubber duckies! Kidding, but they are great anyone agree?
AlexS1219 AlexS1219 Dec 30, 2016
This reminded me of One Tree Hill. It's like one of my favorite shows!!