Who Can Save Me Now? || Lashton (BoyxBoy)

Who Can Save Me Now? || Lashton (BoyxBoy)

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Vanessa (On Hiatus) By Van971 Updated Jun 02, 2016

Dr. Fluke is well-known throughout Sydney for his crime fighting abilities. He uses his abilities every night to protect the people of Sydney, keeping them safe from danger.

Luke Hemmings is extremely awkward, often stuttering over his own words he feels out of place, like he doesn't belong in his own skin. He makes it through school with his best and only friend, Calum. But even he doesn't know Luke's secret.

He's Dr. Fluke.

Despite Luke's awkward and socially impaired nature, he feels accomplished every night when he puts on his gear. He feels invincible, like he can do anything.

Even as Dr. Fluke though, Luke can't bring himself to approach his longtime high school crush, the popular Ashton Irwin. So maybe it's fate that brings Ashton face-to-face with danger one night. Maybe it's fate that Dr. Fluke happens to be there when Ashton needs him most.

However, as danger brews in Sydney far greater than ever before, Luke will do anything to protect the people he loves and he hopes that as Dr. Fluke, he'll be able to do just that.

castawaycal96 castawaycal96 Aug 03, 2016
WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM GURL????!!!? he looks so  professional tho :'(shxmsjsj Jjk he doesn't haha, it always makes me laugh
-futurehearts -futurehearts Feb 05, 2016
I love fob omgg (': I love this story already and it hasn't started
malumxcuddlesx malumxcuddlesx Oct 22, 2016
My mum's a social teacher and I get the least marks in social lmfao
FelixIsWriting FelixIsWriting Jan 18, 2016
This story has got me bruh. Literally so much cuteness but good stuff going on!!