The Mafia Boss's Lover(BoyXBoy) book 1 of  the  dangerous family series

The Mafia Boss's Lover(BoyXBoy) book 1 of the dangerous family series

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Mahogany By Anime121 Completed

Completed  8/8/16

What happens when Riley Fluentez, an up and coming photographer,  uncovers a deadly secret about the owner of a certain night club. Meet William Tate the CEO of Tate enterprises. 
He has a charming personality and is devilishly handsome, but don't let this fool you. He's known as the red king, the most fearsome and  powerful  Mafia in the world. What's in store for Riley when a certain mafia boss takes a liking to him. But what happens when falling in love with the most feared Mafia boss leads to unfortunate events that could either make or break their relationship?

why is this so much alike your my loveprize in viewfinder??????
BossyCruel BossyCruel Sep 12
Omg so many of us had read the yaoi that's similar to this it seems 😂😂😂😍
This is from a yaoi manga😤😤😤😤😤😤😍😍😍😍😍
SunnyBitch SunnyBitch Aug 29
This storyline is so much like Viewfinder and I love it so much :333
katrinatate katrinatate Feb 18
I know this is fiction but when I saw that he have the same name with my gramps I said, I need to read this.. Too bad He's not a mafia nor a ceo . He's a world war 2 veteran.  But  enough of that mumbling, so far I'm loving this story! Keep it up, keep it coming! Thanks!
Why do i feel like this story has something to do with Viewfinder loveprize? 😂😂