Switched Wedding (Nanowrimo)

Switched Wedding (Nanowrimo)

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Umm -e- Ayaan By nid_unus Completed

Here is a glimpse before you decide to read:

Without another thought I slowly bent my head and touched her lips with mine hoping she would open her beautiful eyes but she didn't. As soon as I brushed her lips with mine, I realized my mistake as I have tasted her and now I wanted more of her.

I didn't let her go as I grabbed her lips more confidently and she easily gave me access as we shared a long, deep passionate kiss as I lost myself completely in her. We shared a long intimate kiss and when we broke apart she covered her face behind her hands blushing deeply. 

What is wrong with me? My conscience screamed as I dropped light kisses along the column of her neck and she shuddered in my arms. 

"Oh Irshad!" She moaned slightly as I bit her earlobe trying to make her lie on the bed to get better access as she had her arms around me now. I took her face in my hands and kissed her deep and raw suckling her lower lip as she moaned loudly. "Oh! You are making...me...crazy."

As soon as she did open her eyes to look at my face ,her eyes turned wide with pure horror as she screamed in panic and pulled herself away from my embrace jumping to her feet on the bed. 

"Who are you? What are you doing here?!" She asked horrified as she searched the room for something. "Where is my husband?"

Ghazal Rehman, a charming 23 year old Hyderabadi had ended up in a bedroom with a handsome heart throb named Irshad Khan on their wedding night. They are shocked, clueless and surprised as they have no idea how they ended up with each other?

Ghazal was supposed to marry a boy from university who loved her whereas Irshad had planned a fake marriage to please his family. Now they are stuck in a big, deeper mess and needs to sort this out before things get hard for them.

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Cover by me!!!

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loev19 loev19 Jul 26, 2016
no way. seriously there are so many more handsome guys in bollywood and you chose Sunil shetty like away man like no offence but I seriously can't imagine the main character as him sorry
loev19 loev19 Jul 26, 2016
u should have just told her Coz that's how she is gonna end up marrying the other guy
pulis57 pulis57 Sep 13, 2016
Indian brides are so beautifully dress and look on the jewelries... Wow; where in Jeddah we can buy? Only replicas...
Lolyta93120 Lolyta93120 Sep 07, 2016
Yeah I will pass this photo like I didn't see it😂😂😂
iqraalibutt iqraalibutt Dec 29, 2016
Sunil shetty ? Like seriously he don't even look like a hero you should have chosen someone better than him
AnAim001 AnAim001 Jul 11, 2016
The description of the book got me squealing . 
                              kudos man 👏👏🙊😂😳