Tied in Knots // Bipper - Billdip (Under Heavy Editing!)

Tied in Knots // Bipper - Billdip (Under Heavy Editing!)

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Dipper finally returns to the shack with Mabel after 7 years.
Expecting to just see his uncles and old childhood friends his ends up meeting up a again with a much more powerful foe.
Although he has changed. But does Dipper really believe his uncle Ford?Or does he believe his feelings?
Which may not be a very good choice ethier.

First bipper//billdip story//fic so if it sucks forgive me :)

S; November 5th, 2015
F; ?

Isn't bipper when bill possessed Dipper and Bill-dip their shipping name??!
It's not really a kids show. In one of the episodes they had blood coming out of stuffed animal heads. Not a great time to be drinking cranberry juice. At all.
Don't take this the wrong way but Bipper is Bill possessing Dipper and BillDip is the fanfiction.
Xiocipher Xiocipher Feb 02
Actually mabel called the merge / possession Bipper. It wasn't necessarily the ship name. I get your reasoning though
Just show her the ones with blood. That will change her mind. Because it changed my mind.
SarahBear65 SarahBear65 Jun 23
You, my friend are one of the best people i've seen/read on Wattpad. 
                              Please, teach me you writing ways!!