Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction)

Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction)

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I hate hating By YoshiXx03 Updated 4 days ago

One, two, three........

Close your eyes and don't look

four, five, six.......

I'll count to ten and when you open your eyes,



Waking up in a forest, the black haired girl couldn't remember anything. What could have happen?


The cover pic is my creation. All the photos I used in doing it though, they belong to their rightful owners.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own HxH or Naruto at all. All rights are given to their rightful creators. I only own Aki, her plot, and a few other OCs.

0takutrash 0takutrash Dec 11, 2016
Long haired men...? 
                              *hides Neji, Deidara, Itachi, Kakuzu and Illumi*