Hermione Gaunt

Hermione Gaunt

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Hermione is a mudblood, that's what everyone including her thinks until one night in the summer before going back to redo the year. Hermione finds out that her parents are pureblood wizards and she is the most important witch in the wizarding world.

Hermione and a certain ferret get close and end up falling in love, what will happen next?

The cover was created by @xHarryPotterFangirlx

- - May 14
Me when I see "it's more powerful than the elder wand":
                              Mary Sue any1
EmanQ12 EmanQ12 May 30
I love how in ever one of these type of books I have read, this always happens
MayRemley MayRemley Jun 10
This is quite bad . Nothing like hermione. No emotion. No one just excepts the fact that your parents aren't your real parents.
                              Good idea though.
Nah Harry proved himself as a Gryffindor by pulling out the Sword Of Gryffindor in the chamber of Secrets
He could be he is not brave smart or cunning but he is nice and loual
wolfpire13 wolfpire13 Dec 31, 2016
I'm in the same house as Tonks and she's my favourite character