Letters To Niall (A Niall Horan Short Story) [COMPLETED]

Letters To Niall (A Niall Horan Short Story) [COMPLETED]

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Niall Horan, for all you know, 1/5 of one of the most popular boybands, One Direction. Their fans are incredible. They send LETTERS to them but the fans believed that they never read them but still send them.

What if Niall Horan reads them? And what if a certain fan caught his attention and always reads her letters? Would he find himself falling in loved with the fan, even though, he hasn't met her? What if he finds where she is and to be greeted by a BIG REVELATION? Read to know. ;))

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rrs1489lovesNiall1D rrs1489lovesNiall1D Oct 26, 2016
Wow she has guts to write this. I would say the same things though.
itx_unicornie itx_unicornie Nov 02, 2016
I seriously do not know how many times I've read this book. But I'm going at it again just because... (its really good but really sad I remember crying the first time I read it)
itx_unicornie itx_unicornie Nov 02, 2016
I've tried a couple of times writing letters to the boys but I just never sent them to the boys for some reason. I wrote them like two or three years ago and I still have them. Wow...