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A Scar That Won't Fade

A Scar That Won't Fade

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ShoutingOutLoud By ShoutingOutLoud Completed

Skyler Laidon is a new student at school. She is a beautiful and perfectly built character however not a normal girl. Her clothes are two colours, either white... or as dark as her soul. 
Keeping herself away from people isn't hard for her anymore. Not ever since that one day.
Blaze Newton on the other hand is the school's god. He's loved by the entire school including his older brother Jess and two friends; Alexander and Logan. 
But will Blaze affect his new beautiful class mate in any way? Or will his brother get there first?

Hi_its_ev Hi_its_ev Nov 16, 2016
Wait I just can here to say why are all the other chapters removed???
annelove13 annelove13 Dec 28, 2016
You know u are an awesome writers because I like the character so much I like the bad girl with big mansion. Just like the bad boy stories. I like bad girl stories. Loving it.
ReadingWhatt ReadingWhatt Jul 14, 2016
This would be the house of my dreams...if only it were real...
ShoutingOutLoud ShoutingOutLoud Sep 16, 2016
@Tgirl933 they would be but your endurance depends on how much you train and run comparing with how much you smoke. I have a lot of friends that are Athletes and smoke and they're just fine because of how much training they do compared to how much they smoke.
likeafriginboss likeafriginboss Dec 02, 2016
Then he does the bet, he actually starts to like her, she finds out and is heartbroken I think
GoSsipGiRLLieQ GoSsipGiRLLieQ Jul 10, 2016
Whats the point of taking a shower if your just gonna get sweaty anyway and have too take another one