Crimson (Vamplock Fanfic)

Crimson (Vamplock Fanfic)

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Fresh out of the army, John Watson is returning to London to settle into a normal life with little success. Life would never be the same for John, what soldiers life is?

Wounded, broke, and alone, John meets a rather strange fellow.

Sherlock Holmes.

His reputation is great and his mind is even greater, which makes John instantly fall in love with this stranger the more time they spend together.

But something is stopping the retired army doctor from confessing his love to the detective. Something is off about him. He seems to never eat and rarely sleeps, pale as snow, and eyes that seem to burn bright red; crimson red.

Now as a greater threat jeopardizes both of their safety, Sherlock must decide between John's life or his own.

I do not own any of this! All rights go to Moffat and Gatiss. And all rights go to the original artist of this cover (Archiaa on tumblr)

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God i finally get to read this story with out my phone going blitz and the best part is me and Ashe r the only ones here and he loves it when I read it out loud to him lol
Haha is it bad that that sounded like something that my hubby said lol
Hmm, well looks like John got a mystery of his own: The Mystery of Sherlock Holms. Lol
ObsessedFan469 ObsessedFan469 Oct 10, 2017
Didn't know that we called the shirt "purple shirt off sex" but now I know
                              PURPLE SHIRT OF SEX
                              HELL YEEEEAAH
GoddessMoonLady GoddessMoonLady Apr 07, 2017
If you're bisexual... Why would you need to turn gay for Sherlock? You're technically already into guys...
-_SaveMySoul_- -_SaveMySoul_- Mar 20, 2017
Every Johnlock fanfiction, be it Vampire!Lock or not, needs the Purple Shirt Of Sex. Just saying.