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I'm Just A Little Girl...(On Hold)

I'm Just A Little Girl...(On Hold)

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Kayd By darkdestiny Updated Mar 13, 2012

Be afraid...lock your doors...pray she won't come...hope you’re not her next afraid of the little girl...
A horror that will make you think twice...
Kade Denvor didn’t like the fact that he was moving, he hated it. He had a happy life where he used to live, he had a girlfriend and friends and now his mom was making him move. He just knew the town he was going to was going to be boring, there would be nothing fun to do at all...Little did Kade know, that Lyra lived in that town and she planned to make his life a whole lot more fun...he was after all her little toy.

darkdestiny darkdestiny Sep 04, 2011
@iswearidontbite Thanks, I'm not sure hey you make a good point though I'm going to look into that! It can help me with my first aid training! :D
darkdestiny darkdestiny Feb 24, 2011
@InspireEl3 her father didnt notice the blood because he was just by the doorway :) thanks
InspireEl3 InspireEl3 Feb 20, 2011
It doesn't make sense if she was stabbing her mother and the father didn't notice all the blood. But still, it is very demented >:)
darkdestiny darkdestiny Dec 31, 2010
@HellsPrettyLilAngel fine be mean! :(...we'll se who talks to u on mxit!!! >:(
HellsPrettyLilAngel HellsPrettyLilAngel Dec 28, 2010
aaaarrrrgggggghhhhhh when are u gna upload woman>???????? huh huh???? im waitn 4 an answer..... my fav book of urz u neva upload!!!!!!! well anyways ill make u do it wen i come agen mahahahahahahahahah lololol i mean mwahahahahahahah *puts evil smile on  face and nods*
me_eleni me_eleni Dec 16, 2010
Lyra follows in the foots steps of Alessa (Silent Hill) and Alma (F.E.A.R) creepy demented little girls.....I like it ^_^ b