My mate is Thirteen! (boyxboy)

My mate is Thirteen! (boyxboy)

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Sweet and Deadly By Sweet_and_Deadly Completed

(The picture in the cover belongs to Phan_is_Life14)

Shawn, an fifthteen year old male wolf who pack was attacked
and was forced into another alpha's hands.

Shawn thought his life was over. His parents
no where to be found and alone in a new pack.

Dayton, An thirteen year old Male wolf who's
father is the alpha of the Midnight Howls
When his father successfully captures
an pack and its members. 

Dayton gets a scent that is sweeter and stronger
than the rest.

  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • love
  • mate
  • werewolves
- - Apr 04
I just wanna take him home he's everywhere! How do everyone got a pic of him except me😭😭 I don't even care that he's taller than me I still want him😻😻
I'm such a mom like if I see anything thta looks smol I want to adopt it like I don't care if ur taller then me u r smol tree child I adopt u
Or, y'know, he knocked up this woman in France and was so careless he's 'BUH-BYE BITCHES!'
                              You never know 😅
AshtonFarts AshtonFarts Nov 09, 2016
Only 2 years younger. It's okay. Cause like when you think of them at an older age let's say 40 and 42..they seem like a normal age gap.
All_The_Same_Love All_The_Same_Love Aug 31, 2016
I was literally thinking the same thing while reading the last chapter.