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the alphas badass mate but is special!?!

the alphas badass mate but is special!?!

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queenlami247 By queenlami247 Updated Aug 19, 2016

Alexis rosetta is an alphas daughter she is 18 has a bestfriend called Brittany, Alexis is a rebel, popular, she is hybrid but some thing u didn't know she is full vampire half wolf but she has a jet white wolf and gold eyes for vampire, her dad an alpha is the strongest pack out of all packs in the world enough about that alexis likes partying and such but she has a cold heart...

Andrew black one of the strongest alphas is turning 24 and having a birthday party he has a bestfriend Jason his beta, Andrew is a rebel/ soft heart, hates partying sometimes, popular, has a black wolf, goodleader but all of this will change at his party and forever on....

there will be mad stuff in here and secrets and a pinch of something else........

AissatouSabara AissatouSabara Jul 02, 2016
When all you hear in the background is angels singing as you look at this picture and scream ZAYUMM
flawlessbluedragon flawlessbluedragon Apr 16, 2016
HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!?! Hold my glasses cuz things are about to go down!