daddy ♡ mgc

daddy ♡ mgc

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❝tell daddy what you want, kitten. ❞

❝ - i want you to fuck me daddy. ❞

will include: daddy kink! , swearing, slight age gap, etc. if you are not comfortable with those i suggest not reading this story.

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lower case intended

Scarlett_D_Jones Scarlett_D_Jones 2 days ago
                              I WAS LOOKING FOR ATTENTION
                              NEEDED INTERVENTION
                              I FELT SOMEBODY LOOKING AT ME
I was already listening to broken home by 5sos when i read this
Awe, same thing is at mine. My dad is a fuckin bastard and yells at me :/
Wait... so this means if she gets with michael then they get married then everytime they get a family meet up or sh1t like that then wouldn't that be awkward??
So ur gonna be fvcking ur step brother sorry to break it to ya but ur a soon to be hoe that's for sure
This described my life when my dad and my mom divorced, and my bro started crying. That was the worst part of my life. 😭😭😭