daddy ♡ mgc

daddy ♡ mgc

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autumn By daddycliffoconda Updated Feb 02

❝ tell daddy what you want, kitten. ❞

❝ - i want you to fuck me daddy. ❞

will include: daddy kink! , swearing, slight age gap, etc. if you are not comfortable with those i suggest not reading this story.

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lower case intended

Unfortunately for you, she's hot now so deal with that constant boner
What the frick frack diddly dack paddley wack nickety nack did I just read
thick thighs are ear warmers !! ( hehe if you get that joke ily )
finally no thigh gap bc all of the other stories ive read has been with a fuckin thigh gap !!
She low key is mad at bec they are gonna be siblings and she wants him
Tell me why I have all of those (except the bra) in my closet...