Alley Cat { Avengers}

Alley Cat { Avengers}

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"I think she just stole my wallet."
"Why would you think that?"
"Because my wallet is gone!"

The Avengers have handled the God of Mischief and an army of aliens. But can they handle a simple troublemaker? Or is the thief not as simple as they thought?

Kit Dean has survived for as long as she has by living off of others without them knowing. Her profession?
Pick Pocket Extraordinaire.
Her latest victims?
The Avengers.

Awesome cover made by the awesome KasleyCooper

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ummmmmm.... robert downey jr? anyone notice this? ahhh... now that I actually look at previous comments I see that... they... did... ok. *coughs* ok wow. I am not the sharpest cheese on the cutting board.
YouTubeShipsNerd YouTubeShipsNerd 5 days ago
I was listening to the Thomas O'Malley song in the background while reading this 😂
KRC216 KRC216 Nov 13
Ok having a Disney moment 
                              Yeah Abraham delay 
                              Giuseppe Casey 
                              Thomas O'Malley 
                              O'Malley the alley cat 
                              That's right and I'm very proud of that!
Lady Rachel miss dimsy porganctualnameiranoutoforiginalideashelp
I do believe that I like her *winks* but I just KNOW that somehow there will be some kind of love story plot twist. Just you wait.