Alley Cat { Avengers}

Alley Cat { Avengers}

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"I think she just stole my wallet."
"Why would you think that?"
"Because my wallet is gone!"

The Avengers have handled the God of Mischief and an army of aliens. But can they handle a simple troublemaker? Or is the thief not as simple as they thought?

Kit Dean has survived for as long as she has by living off of others without them knowing. Her profession?
Pick Pocket Extraordinaire.
Her latest victims?
The Avengers.

Awesome cover made by the awesome KasleyCooper

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If we were friends she'd probably be the only one who would pick pocket with her
I just wanna say I appreciate all those spn and GoT references but the only thing I could think of was James Dean 😂
I'm... in just saddened all this... so here's a joke.
                              A teacher asked a student: "Why does Saturn have rings?"
                              The student says, "'Cause God liked it, so He put a ring on it."
                              The teacher says, "Saturn wasn't a single lady Johnny."
Randomness29 Randomness29 3 days ago
I was in foster care for a year, and I think I was lucky because the people I was with were really nice. But it is not like that for everybody. It really is a gamble.
mironside mironside Feb 03
I'm interested to know what's going to happen to Kit! Am curious about what time period it's happening in...