The Hot Doctor

The Hot Doctor

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Alexandrianna Hawkins wasn't expecting to dislocate her knee during cheerleading practice. Once she's wheeled into the hospital, she's welcomed with quite the surprise. 

Rian Peterson is a young, very irresistible man who's devoted to being a doctor. He's never fallen for any of his patients, but when Alexandrianna arrives, that changes quickly. The doctor and his patient are possessed by infatuation.

Will the high school cheerleader and the percipient doctor fall for each other? 

Or will Alexandrianna's past stand in the way?

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Blackwood91 Blackwood91 Jan 03
Oh god! @theinnocentangel96 JUST LOOK AT HIS FAMILY!!!! I'm crying already why is it so relatable!!
Safe_Haven315 Safe_Haven315 Jul 26, 2017
When I read this I thought it meant at the end of the story she was 68 and I'm like what the hell but then I figured it out
boutabagnellybo boutabagnellybo Sep 02, 2017
Wait how does she only age one year through the story but the main characters age like 5 years through the story?
Aslecis Aslecis Sep 24, 2017
Shouldn't she be 24....or maybe her birthday is late than Alex
Sumbri002 Sumbri002 Aug 02, 2017
Its' funny cause I was actually planning to name my futre baby alexandriannah or Cassandriah 😂😂
Blackwood91 Blackwood91 Jan 03
Im so ready to finish this book right now but unfortunately im a slow reader whatever LETS GET STARTED!!