ON HOLD - Silent Whispers - Family Secrets

ON HOLD - Silent Whispers - Family Secrets

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This is the story of Claudia, Francesco and Giovanna from Silence in New York and Whispers in New York. Although it is not necessary to read the others in order to understand, it is highly recommended. 
This book starts from around the end of Silence in New York and will eventually coincide with Whispers in New York. 


"Hey baby," Francesco leaned over the couch placing a kiss on her forehead. "You're up late!" He noticed the wine glass in her hand, "and drinking wine..."

"So I am," she responded without a hello. "Where have you been? You haven't slept here much lately." She continued to focus on the television screen waiting for his response.

"Sorry Gi." The use of her nickname from his lips forcing her to cringe. "We've just been busy lately, you know, with business." He walked around his recliner couch to look at her, she was barely acknowledging him. 
She's pissed. He thought to himself letting out a small frustrated sigh.

He made his way to her left side near the coffee table examining the Chinese take-out boxes. He picked up the one with the noddles along with the plastic fork sitting untouched by the edge of the coffee table. He dug his fork in taking a mouth full of the now cold, thick yellow noodles. "Sitting on my couch I see," he joked trying to push her into talking more. 

"Hmm." Giovanna hummed, "your couch huh?" She took the final sip from her wine glass then placed the empty glass on the same coffee table. 

"Yeah, my couch," he continued to push trying for a playful rise out of her. With the noodle box in one hand and the plastic fork plunged securely into the yellow noodle goodness, he proceeded to pry through the other two boxes discovering the honey chicken. 
"Really? Honey chicken? You know I hate that shit Gi."

"That's too bad." Giovanna pushed herself out of the recliner. "Because I hate it when you sti